Remnant 2 Update Adds Loadouts, Halloween Event, And More

Gearbox and Gunfire Games have declared that Remnant 2 has an innovative update that introduces loadouts, a time-limited Halloween event, and general enhancements.

Players now have the ability to fashion their own prearranged gear loadouts and then summon them with a single button press. The loadouts encompass weapons, modifications, mutators, archetypes, abilities, relics, and fragments. Moreover, loadouts will store and summon Traits, but only if players possess the Orb of Undoing in their inventory. It is important to note that loadouts cannot be accessed in the midst of combat.

Remnant 2’s Halloween event will take place from October 27-31, and it is dubbed the Aberration Domination event. Players can acquire rare Corrupted Shards and exchange them at the Dwell in Ward 13. In return, players can forge corrupted versions of specific weapons.

The update also includes various general improvements, such as addressing performance issues encountered during certain boss battles and resolving problems related to specific actions that caused the game to crash. Additionally, evading actions during co-op sessions are now more responsive, and players will now join the game near the host’s location instead of automatically entering spectator mode, unless the host is engaged in a boss fight or event region.

Remnant 2 is accessible on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. In GameSpot’s Remnant 2 review, we stated, “Remnant 2 is precisely what you desire in a sequel, as it expands and enhances the concepts of the first game. It may not astound you, but the core gameplay loop–built on gratifying combat, an ever-growing repertoire of skills and abilities, and the unpredictability of its procedural generation–grabs hold and refuses to let go.”

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