Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s New Supers Look Devastating In Action

Destiny 2: The Ultimate Form is introducing numerous fresh Supers and Aspects upon its release in February 2024, and each one possesses a unique concept behind its design. These were briefly hinted at by Bungie in the initial in-depth exploration of The Ultimate Form, and if you’ve been eager to witness how these new additions function in the game, the studio has uploaded several new videos.

It’s important to note that the videos below are from alpha playtest sessions, so there will naturally be changes before this expansion arrives next year. However, for now, they provide an excellent glimpse into the versatility and teamwork-oriented nature of these new Supers. In case you missed them during their initial reveal, Twilight Arsenal is a Void Super for Titans that can assist in obliterating opponents. Not only does a Titan summon three Void axes that draw enemies in and detonate, but these melee weapons can also be picked up by fireteam members to slice weakened enemies into pieces.

The new Void Aspect for Titans is Unbreakable, which enables players to consume a grenade and create a shield that blocks incoming damage and absorbs attacks. Once enough damage has been absorbed, the shield can be unleashed, dealing massive damage to anything caught in its path.

Hunters transform into airborne deities of thunder with the Storm’s Edge Super, summoning an Arc-energy dagger that allows them to teleport forward. Each time they materialize, they unleash a deadly whirlwind attack. This sequence can be executed three times in a row, making Hunters incredibly agile. Additionally, the Ascension Aspect provides even more aerial options. By utilizing this Aspect, Hunters can consume their class ability to propel themselves upwards, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. As an added bonus, nearby teammates receive an Amplified buff.

Lastly, Warlocks possess a new Solar Super that may entice them as a potential replacement for Well of Radiance. Song of Flame causes Warlocks to enter a Radiant state, supercharging their melee ability, and transforming their grenade into a sentient Spirit of Flame that seeks out nearby enemies and explodes upon contact. With the Hellion Aspect, Warlocks can activate their class ability and summon a Solar Soul that launches flaming mortars at distant foes, scorching them in the process.

Destiny 2: The Ultimate Form, the concluding expansion in the Light and Darkness saga, will launch on February 27, 2024, for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Other significant changes on the horizon include Legendary Shards being eliminated from the currency pool and future Destiny 2 weapons assuming new roles beyond mere damage dealing.

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