Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Magic In Everything Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley tackles surprisingly intricate emotional themes, and your interactions with The Forgotten are where a majority of these themes come to the surface. In one mission that becomes available after inviting your alter ego to your valley, you will need to find a way to make them feel more comfortable. Here’s how to successfully complete the “The Magic in Everything” mission.

How to successfully complete the “The Magic In Everything” mission in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To initiate the “The Magic in Everything” mission, you must have fully completed the initial storyline arc of Disney Dreamlight Valley and have invited The Forgotten to join your valley. After at least a week has passed since then, you will receive a prompt to begin the mission. When this happens, simply go and speak to The Forgotten to start it.

The first task The Forgotten assigns you is to take three photographs of specific objects around the valley:

  • A vibrant yellow flower that exclusively grows in the Forgotten Lands – This flower is known as a yellow nasturtium, and you will find an abundance of them in the Forgotten Lands.
  • A sleek bird with the darkest plumage in the valley – This bird is the Classic Raven, which can only be spotted in your valley on Thursdays. However, if you have fed this bird and earned it as a companion, you can equip it to quickly capture a photograph.
  • A colossal skull located on Dazzle Beach – This is the massive, moss-covered skull near the circular island on Dazzle Beach, and it is nearly impossible to overlook.

After taking the photographs, return to The Forgotten, who will then assign you the task of creating a cozy room for them in your house by placing specific types of furniture. Go to any of your homes, clear out a room, and access your furniture menu. Here, the game will provide you with six designated sections to ensure that you are placing the appropriate furniture in the room.

Fortunately, the game simplifies the process of finding the necessary furniture.

Once you have finished arranging the furniture, return to The Forgotten once more and complete the mission. By doing so, you will receive some delectable cookies–although they may not provide a significant energy boost and are not ideal for replenishing your bar. Nevertheless, it is the sentiment that counts, isn’t it?

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