Blizzard Investigating Kick Bot Macros and Automation in Rated PvP

Blizzard Investigating Kick Bot Macros and Automation in Rated PvP
Blizzard is currently examining the issue of kick bot macros and automation in Rated PvP, following the feedback provided on the official forums and a YouTube video by Bicmex that demonstrates the disruptive nature of these macros. They have assured players that they will take appropriate measures to address this issue promptly.

Originally Posted by Mmr

Greetings to all.

It is well-known that Blizzard is actively combating scripters, the use of third-party programs, and cheaters in general.

Now, let’s discuss the ClearTarget() function.
First and foremost, I am not a developer, so some of the code provided below may not be optimal (although it does work).
Secondly, we are all aware that the CastSpellByName() function is safeguarded to prevent unintended usage.

But what about this?

/run if not (UnitCastingInfo(“target”) or UnitChannelInfo(“target”)) then ClearTarget() end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Spell Lock
/stopmacro [exists]

Or perhaps, this?

/run if(AuraUtil.FindAuraByName(“Banner of the Horde”, “target”, “HELPFUL”)) then ClearTarget() end
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Death Coil
/stopmacro [exists]

Or this (to protect HoJ in Grounding)?

# showtooltip
/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff(“target”,i); if D == “Grounding Totem” then ClearTarget() end end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Hammer of Justice
/stopmacro [exists]

Fade protection

/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff(“target”,i); if D == “Phase Shift” then ClearTarget() end end;
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Intimidation
/stopmacro [exists]

These straightforward macros can assist users in automating their gameplay. For instance, such macros can ensure that interrupts always hit the target’s cast or prevent spell usage if the target has any buffs (such as Divine Shield or Anti-Magic Shell) that nullify their effects.
In my opinion, many individuals may have utilized these macros to gain an advantage over other players in the arena.
I believe this is a significant issue for the entire PvP community and it should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Bicmex video:

This is currently functional in retail WoW, and approximately 8 out of 10 shamans, as well as other classes, employ this technique.

Furthermore, there is a program called AutoHotKey that automatically presses buttons for the user using macros.

Now, I will switch to playing as a warlock and initiate the summoning ritual for the WoW community council.
Please move my topic to the council’s section so that Blizzard can promptly address this long-standing issue that is already affecting rated PvP. Even prominent players like Jaime x322 R1 gladiator employ these macros in the AWC.…auto-grounding

Bonus Video:

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